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Generic Claw and Meat Box

Dimensions: L 15 x W 11 x H 7.5

Cases Per Pallet: 70 (7 tier high x 10 per tier)

Pallet Height: 56 inches 

Pallet Net Weight: 1,400lbs (Claws) 2,100lbs (Meats)

Used for:

Lobster Meats - 12x2lb or 15x2lb

Rock Crab Meats - 6x5lb or 15x2lb

Jonah Crab Meats - 6x5lb or 15x2lb

Jonah Crab Scored Claws - 4x5lb or 10x2lb

Jonah Crab Cocktail Claws - 10x2lb or 6x3lb


Generic Whole Cook, Sections, and Raw Tail Box

Dimensions: L 23.25 x W 15.75 x H 3.5

Cases Per Pallet: 120 (20 tier high x 6 per tier)

Pallet Height: 72 inches

Pallet Net Weight:1,200lbs (10lb packs) or 1,800lbs (15lb packs)

Used for:

Whole Cook Lobsters - 10lb or 12lb

Raw Lobster Tails - 10lb

Whole Cook Jonah/Rock Crab - 10lb or 15lb

Rock/Jonah/Snow Crab Sections - 10lb or 15lb


Bulk 50lb Meat Box

Dimensions: L 16.5 x W 15.5 x H 8.5

Cases Per Pallet: 40 (6 tier high x 6 per tier + 4)

Pallet Height: 68 inches 

Pallet Net Weight: 2,000lbs

Used for:

50 lb Jonah/Rock Crab Mince or Salad Meat (10x5lb)


50lb Bulk Claw Box

Used For:

Jonah Crab Claws/Arms - 50lb - Container Loading

Dimensions: L 23 x W 15 x H 6.5

Not usually palletized, but if so, 50 cases per pallet (5 per tier, 10 tier high)

Pallet Height: 72 inches


Fresh Product: Wax Box

Dimensions: L 19.5 x W 12.5 x H 13

Cases Per Pallet: 25 (5 per tier, 5 tiers)

Pallet Height: 64 inches

Pallet Net Weight: 1,250lbs

Used for:

Fresh meat:  8oz, 16oz dishes

Fresh Cocktail Claws: Clear 1lb Clamshell Dishes

Fresh Claws: 10lb Mesh Bags

**Holds 50lbs per box of any pack size**

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